Liverpool 2012

The first conference of the CAICL Research Network took place in Liverpool on 6-8 December 2012.  Convened by Christine Schwöbel, it was organised by the Liverpool School of Law and Social Justice and co-hosted by the International Slavery Museum.

The conference followed an international call for papers and brought together scholars working on various critical approaches to International Criminal Law.  Panels were organised around a number of themes including ICL and and the Political, ICL and History, ICL and Violence, ICL and Hegemony, ICL and Neo-liberalism, ICL and Individualism, and ICL and Performance.  The keynote address was made by Frédéric Mégret and was followed by a reading of the poem “Bella – a love song for war” by Johannes CS Frank.

The full conference programme, including a list of participants, is available here.

A conference report is also now available here.

The public conference was followed by smaller closed sessions including a writing workshop and round table discussions on the nature of critique, the teaching of CAICL from a critical perspective, and future Network activities.

The conference was made possible thanks to funding from the University of Liverpool and the Institute for Global Law and Policy.